Time Capsule Submissions Requested


Date:  April 30, 2014

Press Contact:
Kathryn Bonetti, Time Capsule Committee
(203) 882-5872

Time Capsule Submissions Requested
Public invited to contribute to historical project

 MILFORD –  Citizens from Milford and surrounding towns are invited to contribute items for the 2014 TIME CAPSULE project.  In celebration of Milford’s 375th Anniversary, the Time Capsule Project is being spearheaded by long-time Milfordite DeForest (Frosty) Smith, along with an enthusiastic team of fellow citizen volunteers. 

“We look at this project as giving all citizens a way to help tell “Milford’s story” to residents of the future,” Smith commented. “It is an exciting project and I hope we receive many submissions.”

Time Capsule Submission Forms will be placed strategically throughout the city.  Residents are asked to complete a submission form (required) and attach it to their contributed item.  Items may be deposited in the collection boxes at any of the following locations:

Forms are available at each location and will also be distributed around town at local businesses.  Forms are also available online at www.milfordct375.com (the official Milford 375th website). The deadline to submit items for the Time Capsule is August 1st.  The deadline for student submissions is June 1st

Students to be a large part of this project

In addition to reaching out to the adult Milford community, the committee has been working with the school community.  Submission boxes will be distributed to each school in the city – along with submission forms.  For time capsule projects in the past, Smith reports the contributions from the schools have been particularly robust.  “For time capsule projects in the past, we’ve enjoyed taking a look at letters, photographs, drawings, reports, and many other items kids have contributed over the years.  It’s a wonderful opportunity for kids to be involved in this wonderful Milford tradition.” 

The 375th Time Capsule will be buried on the grounds of the Parsons Governmental Center in September.  It will be opened 25 years from now during Milford’s 400th Anniversary celebrations.

Questions may be directed to Frosty Smith via e-mail at dsmith@hpearce.com


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