Milford to Have Tallest Flagpole in the State

Mayor Ben Blake today announced that the City of Milford and Devon Rotary have joined forces to replace the Memorial Flagpole on the green. Over the years, the 99.7 foot steel flagpole has lost its structural integrity due to a number of stress cracks as well as general wear and tear. The Devon Rotary Foundation eagerly took on the project to replace the existing steel flagpole with a new 110 foot fiberglass maintenance-free pole. The Devon Rotary has also pledged to supply the City with two new flags every year.

The Memorial Flagpole serves as a tribute to Veterans of World War II as well as the Korean and Vietnam Conflicts. The existing pole will be demolished this week and the new pole will be installed in the next few weeks. The historic concrete base will be preserved and will remain the foundation for the new pole.

"The new flagpole is a wonderful gift from Devon Rotary to commemorate the 375th Anniversary of Milford. It is a lasting contribution that will continue to be a proud monument to our Veterans and to our City, which boasts the second-longest town green in New England. At 110 feet, it will be the tallest flagpole in Connecticut. It speaks to the greatness of Milford and its community partners," said Mayor Blake.

See how it orginially appears in Milford Now:

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