Milford Students Know Their Trivia

May 27, 2014 - Milford Now - What started 48 days ago as a simple project in the Milford Public Schools has turned into a 'daily buzz' amongst students throughout the entire city.

The Trivia Question of the Day challenges students in all 14 Milford Public Schools and several parochial and private schools to come up with answers on topics ranging from Milford's colonial times to the Oyster Festival – and everything in-between.

Questions are posed to students each day during the school's morning announcements.  Answers are given the next school day, followed by a new question.  The daily questions will continue through the end of the school year.

"It's been great," commented Kathy Bonetti, who serves as the district's Communications Coordinator.  "Our goal was to get kids thinking about a wide variety of topics relating to Milford's history, in conjunction with the upcoming 375th Anniversary.  We were hoping it might start a dialogue at home when students would talk about the questions with their families – and the good news is – they are!  It's been easy to do – and it doesn't cost anything – it's a win-win for everyone."

Questions were selected from a box of Milford Trivia Questions that was produced 25 years ago for the celebration of Milford's 350th Anniversary.  The questions were originally created by the staff of the Milford Citizen newspaper and with the support of The Milford Bank.

Students at Mathewson School have vigorously embraced the Trivia Question of the Day, so much so that school administrators and staff put together a bulletin board in the school's lobby, where students can post their 'guesses' to the daily question.  Principal Melissa Currier mentions when the students get off the bus each morning, they go directly to the board to post their answers before morning announcements later in the morning.  "I love seeing the way this project has resonated with everyone in our school community," Currier commented.  "This has been a great way for teachers and students to discuss events that happened right here in Milford.  Some of our staff members personally remember some of the items referenced in the questions; others feed right into our social studies units about community and Milford."

There are several other projects planned for Milford students leading up to the large-scale MILFORD WEEK CELEBRATION, beginning on June 8th.  Please visit for a full listing of events and dates.

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