Aldermen Approve City's Official Flower

Milford Board of Aldermen approves the city's official flower
April 8, 2014
By Brian McCready

MILFORD — It's only taken 375 years but Milford finally has its official flower.

It seems only fitting now that it is spring the city adopted the official flower of Milford, which is the Echinacea purpureau 'Magnus,' also commonly known as the "Eastern Purple Coneflower."

The Board of Aldermen unanimously made the selection at its meeting Monday night.

The Eastern Purple Coneflower, Echinacea purpurea, as photographed by F.D. Richards and used under Creative Commons license.Milford Garden Club Program Chairwoman Bunny Elmore said as the city is celebrating its 375th anniversary this year it seemed only appropriate that Milford have an official flower.

"We felt Milford deserved to have its own flower," Elmore said.

The Eastern Purple Coneflower is a native perennial used by Native Americans for herbal and medicinal use to ward off infection and disease, and to relieve pain. It's also deer resistant, drought and wind tolerant plant, and can thrive in any soil.

Elmore said the flower echoes the strength of the city's Native American and pioneer ancestors because of its ability to be a reliable foundation plant.

Elmore said the flower is easy to grow and has wonderful healing properties.

"Our hope is that more people will now plant this flower," Elmore said.

Aldermanic Majority Leader Nick Veccharelli said the fact the flower is deer-resistant is very important, especially around Milford.

Alderman Daniel German thanked the Milford Garden Club for all of their research.

"I hope the people of Milford start to plant them," German said.

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